To use, enter moves, commands, and/or algorithm shortcuts into the input field, then press Enter.

It follows the same notation as listed here, with the small exception of Rw instead of r for wide turns. Each move is represented by one (or two) letters, then either nothing (turn it clockwise), a ' (turn it counterclockwise), or a 2 (turn it 180 degrees) (or, rarely, '2, also turn it 180 degrees). The letters are:
    R Right
    L Left
    U Up
    D Down
    F Front
    B Back
    Rw Right wide (Turn R, but grip two layers in)
    Lw Left wide (Turn L, but grip two layers in)
    M Middle (Between L and R)
    E Equator (Between U and D)
    S Standing (Between F and B)
    x Rotate whole cube on R
    y Rotate whole cube on U
    z Rotate whole cube on F

The commands are as follows:
    :insta Speeds up all turns in queue.
    :slow Slows all turns in queue.
    :save Saves the current cube in the URL.
    :reset Resets the URL, but not the cube.
    :toggleBlindfold Toggles blindfold mode.
    :scramble Slowly scrambles the cube.
    :solve Slowly solves the cube.
    :solveWhiteCross Solving step 1
    :solveWhiteFace Solving step 2
    :solveSecondLayer Solving step 3
    :solveYellowCross Solving step 4
    :solveYellowFace Solving step 5
    :solveYellowCorners Solving step 6
    :solveYellowEdges Solving step 7

In addition there are a few preset algorithms. Access these by typing:
    ~t T Permutation
    ~y Y Permutation
    ~ja Ja Permutation
    ~jb Jb Permutation
    ~ra Ra Permutation

As you type into the input field, it will automatically make suggestions; you can also press tab to auto-complete.